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Latest Posts » Brief Blogs » Brief Blogs for 2011-12-26 - Synth Keyboards

Brief Blogs for 2011-12-26

Written by v on December 26, 2011 – 2:00 pm -
  • Melody Generator helps you generate melodies using Attraction, Chord and Scale-based methods – runs on Windows and Mac: http://t.co/doNgk2sH #
  • Article that explains the use of MIDI Thru/Splitter ports: http://t.co/dmd63msG #
  • Cliche Progressions – this site details common chord progressions used in popular music: http://t.co/zM4GhwMD #
  • Old, but fascinating article on the famous British electronic musician Calvin Harris, who prefers to be alone: http://t.co/rYVrrR7C #

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